From experience in providing life counseling for people at the Buddhist Hotline website ( and having been given the opportunity to teach the prinsoners in Thailand prison more than five years, It is now understandable that many young people and working-class people are now tired of the stresses of working and living in a harsh society .They need techniques to release relief , stress , anxiety to keep the mind alive. Some still want to find out the true meaning of life -“Why are we born ? Born only to eat, play, work, earn money, and sex etc.?”

The teachings of the Buddha proved over 2,500 years ago, that it is a true, The Buddha’s teaching is meaningful for all human life. Buddhism does not emphasize the compulsion to believe or enforce it. But Buddhism focus on each person to learn and act on their own mind and then discover the truth and happiness of life by own self.

Vipassana Meditation practice of Buddhism is the most important way to understand one’s own life. There are many the appropriate Dharma schools everywhere in the world. But someone occasionally may not know. This is the reason why this website was established. was set up to introduce the place of meditation for people interested in meditation practice throughout the World. We gradually added information periodically according to the time. introduce Buddhist practice only. Our recommended locations will cover Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, America, Africa and some European countries. We will introduce Thailand specially Because we know Thailand the best. Some places we have been to practice meditation already. So we can give you full instructions.

For tourists around the world who visit to Thailand. We would like to say that the trip to play, fun, drink and buy  is not substantial, But if you come to Thailand and practice meditation at some place  at least 4 to 7 days of practicing, It will be considered to visit to Thailand.

We are happy to receive any advice from all of you. If there is anything we can help. We are so happy to help you. Do not be hesitate, Please contact us for more information. We are here to help you as quickly as possible.
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